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Devil's Dice

Devil's Dice

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Functionally a variant on Liar's Dice. All players roll dice and begin a bidding round where players are trying to bid or bluff how many of a particular die face show under all players' cups. A player may call a true bid (previous bid is exactly right), false bid (previous bid overstates the number present), or up the ante (new, higher bid than the previous bid). Each player has one Devil's Die that can be altered by that player by one pip up or down when called out on a bid.

Box contents:
25 dice (20 red & 5 white)
5 dice cups
Rule sheet

Publisher Blurb:

A quick and easy to learn dice game, Devil's Dice is fun for all ages. Players must attempt to deceive and bluff their rolls while guessing the intentions of their opponents. However, each player must also contend with the Devil's Dice, which may win a round for them - or condemn them to certain loss!

Extra Info

BGID: 109507
Category: Bluffing, Dice
Time: 10 minutes
Designer: Nick Robinson, Matthew Sprange
Year: 2011
Product Title:
Family: Dice cup bluffing games
Mechanics: Dice Rolling
Ages: 6 and up
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing