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California Gold

California Gold

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C. G. is a historic simulation of orange grove production where you represent a co-op for helping orange ranchers receive support and best prices for their crops. Play hinges around collecting cards that represent orange ranches distinguished by city environs and grouped by counties. Buildings, such as packing houses, ice houses and nurseries, create local support structures, while railroad contracts increase profits. The object of the game is to have the most ranches (cards) in your co-op by end game. The acquiring of cards is accomplished by action point allowance, limited by packing house distribution. Other buildings help with advertising, leverage, and expansion into other counties.

Extra Info

BGID: 139236
Category: Economic, Farming, Industry / Manufacturing
Time: 120 minutes
Designer: Patrick Stevens
Year: 2014
Product Title:
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Commodity Speculation, Set Collection, Simulation, Trading,
Ages: 9 and up
Publisher: Numbskull Games