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    Three or four players try to gain the most influence by building palazzos in Venice. Influence is placed face-down into city sections. When all is placed, they are revealed in a predetermined order. Having the most influence in a section allows a player to build the most houses and also give control over the adviser for that section. The adviser can be placed somewhere else in the city and adds influence in a later vote. Houses can be traded for Palazzos, and the player with a Palazzo in every section wins the game.Part of the Goldsieber large box series - BoardGameGeek

    Out-of-print. Rio Grande Games.  CONDITION: Brand New in Original Shrinkwrap.

  • Details
    BGID: 854
    Category: Political
    Time: 45 minutes
    Designer: Leo Colovini
    PrimaryName: Doge
    Players: 3 to 4
    Year: 2000
    Artist: Franz Vohwinkel
    Product Title: Doge
    Ages: 12 and up