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    A Rules Expansion


    Reality for those who lack imagination


    Connect to the world-wide net known as the Matrix and create a universe of your own. No matter what your status in the real world—megacorp president or synthmeat street vendor—you can be the lord of all you can imagine. Access virtual clubs and test your skills in total-reality games. Ranscack massive databases and pillage corporate systems for paydata—and try to stay alive long enough to enjoy the results.


    Matrix expands on the basic decking rules provided in Shadowrun, Third Edition, and ofers advanced rules for programming, deck construction, system security and accessing the Matrix. Matrix includes rules for information searches and new updates on artificial intelligences and otaku characters.



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    Publisher: FASA
    Year: 2000
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author(s): Michael Mulvihill
    Page Count: 171