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AD&D(2e) DLQ2 - Flints Axe 9382

AD&D(2e) DLQ2 - Flint's Axe 9382

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  • Description

    Before the War of the Lance, Flint Fireforge returned to his place of birth, the dwarven town of Hillhome. There, he uncovered a fiendish plot and used his magical battle axe to stop evil dwarves from destroying his home. The axe was destroyed in Flint's final battle with the leader of the evil forces.
    Or was it?
    Now, rumors are circulating that Flint's axe has been seen around Hillhome. It is up to the player characters to solve the mystery and find the legendary battle axe of one of the Heroes of the Lance.
    This adventure, for characters of level 2-4, serves to introduce players and dungeon masters alike to the world of Krynn. Pregenerated players characters are included, so preparation time can be reduced.
    Magic, monsters, and mystery await all who accept the quest for one of the legendary items of the world of Krynn!

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    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Adventure
    Setting: Dragonlance
    Page Count: 32