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AD&D(2e) DLS1 - New Beginnings 9314

AD&D(2e) DLS1 - New Beginnings 9314

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    It is a continent of raw beauty and wondrous magics - of marauding hordes and avenging champions - it is Taladas, the forgotten continent of Krynn first revealed in the best-selling DRAGONLANCE supplement Time of the Dragon.
    Now, this incredible setting is brought to life and made ready for adventuring with New Beginnings. This essential adventure provides all the information necessary for new players to begin adventuring in the Taladas campaign setting.
    New Beginnings includes a simple, step-by-step character creation outline which new players can use without the help of a Dungeon Master. Also, it presents essential tips on equipping and playing you new character in the Taladas setting, and sample encounters which allow you to test your character's skills without risking them in actual play. Finally, a complete mini-adventure helps to begin your Taladas campaign by thrusting the player characters right into the action.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Adventure
    Setting: Dragonlance
    Page Count: 32