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D&D(3.5) - Price of Courage SVP 4203

D&D(3.5) - Price of Courage SVP 4203

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    Gellidus, known to many as Frost, is the last remaining Dragon Overlord upon the face of Krynn. This terrifying foe plans to achieve ultimate power through the dark magic of his dead cousins and a terrible pact with the powers of evil.


    Only the bravery and sacrifice of true heroes will be able to stop the monstrous wyrm.


    Price of Courage embraces the tradition of Dragonlance adventures by concluding the three-part story arc that began with Key of Destiny and continued in Spectre of Sorrows. It can also be the launching point for a new, high-level campaign.


    The adventure is designed for characters of 14th level and requires the use of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting and d20 System core rulebooks from Wizards of the Coast. Though not required, play may be enhanced using the Age of Mortals sourcebook and the Bestiary of Krynn.


    Price of Courage is the third in a trilogy of epic Dragonlance adventures.

  • Details
    Year: 2006
    Game System: d20
    Artist: Jeff Easley