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AD&D 2E Mystara Dungeon Master Survival Kit TSR  2512

AD&D 2E Mystara Dungeon Master Survival Kit TSR 2512

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  • Description
    The Dungeon Master Survival Kit will make your Mystara campaign more exciting and dramatic than ever! Within in this package you'll find: * Two dozen loose sheets covered with a wide array of forms, charts and handouts, designed to make the DM's job easier an dhis games more exciting A Special Deck of Cards that introduces over 20 new magical items to the Mystara campaign...Plus, DM's will find a copy of the Deck of Spheres, a new artifact that may well be the most powerful magical item in the Known World! A 16-page booklet of DM's information that includes insights on the languages of Mystara and tips on how to make better maps A full-color, 16-page Campaign Log that allows the DM to keep track of the highlights of his campaign Out-of-print. TSR, 1995. CONDITION: Mint in Original Shrinkwrap.
  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Year: 1995
    Game System: AD&D 2E
    Edition: AD&D 2E
    Category: D&D 5E accessory
    Genre: Fantasy