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D&D Hollow World HWA2 Nightrage 9310

D&D Hollow World HWA2 Nightrage 9310

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    "Part Two of the Blood Brethren Trilody

    Bright and Dark

    Snakes fly, stones walk, and colossal monsters burrow in the world's crust - do these omens foretell catastrophe? Perhaps so, for now the darks elves walk in the sunlight, wearing armor that turns the sharpest blades and strongest spells. They are poised to conquer the fabulous Hollow World.

    But what is this armor? How does its creation involve the ancient, mile-long Great Annelids, as well as those wondrous creatures, the feathered serpents? The mystery's solution draws your heroes across three thousand miles, from ruins to seaports, through the trackless caverns beneath the World's Spine, and finally to the eternal land of Nithia. There, your heroes discover the true meaning of...


    Nightrage is the second part of the far-ranging Blood Brethren Trilogy.

    - You can play these three HOLLOW WORLD modules in any order, or play this 64-page adventure by itself.
    - You need the D&D HOLLOW WORLD Campaign Set to play.


  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Game System: Basic D&D
    Category: Basic D&D
    Page Count: 64