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D&D GAZ2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam 9194

D&D GAZ2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam 9194

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  • Description

    This is the second in a series - a completely new concept in gaming aids for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system. Within these covers is a complete historical, economical, geographical, and sociological overview of the Emirates of Ylaruam. The village of Kirkuk is presented in great detail (with both descriptions and a map of the area) as a typical village in the Emirates. An extended section on campaigning in the Emirates will also aid the DM in preparing his own adventures as well as enrich the playing of published adventures.

    In addition, there is a full-size, color map of the Emirates, the cities of Surra-Man-Raa and Tameronikas, a typical Emirates village, and a caravan village. This map is fully compatible with all Gazetteers in this series, so that DMs and players can put them side by side for comparison and/or play.

    This series of Gazetteers provides a rich tapestry of background material for player and DM alike and is sure to benefit the gamer immeasurably.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Game System: D&D
    Category: Basic D&D
    Setting: Gazetteer
    Page Count: 64