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After the War

After the War

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  • Description

    After the War is a tabletop science-fiction roleplaying game of memetic horror. Ten years after the galactic war, millions of survivors try to rebuild on the frontier world of Polvo. They seek to guard their new homes from internal strife and the psychic fallout from the war. In this game you are… Survivors of the galactic war, who refused to surrender to the horror. Protectors who shelter your fragile new community from danger. Believers, whose passionate hearts and fervent convictions drive them. Dreamers, with a vision of a brighter future lighting your way. After the War is a collaborative, independently produced game that explores how we can rebuild in the face of trauma. It’s a game where players learn how to lead with compassion and build something lasting.

  • Details
    Year: 2019
    Author(s): Jason Pitre