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Advanced Adventures #34: The Crocodiles  Tear

Advanced Adventures #34: The Crocodile's Tear

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  • Description
    Advanced Adventures #34: The Crocodiles Tear is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 4-6 adventurers of levels 3-6.
    A wealthy patron is outfitting an expedition to sail to the mysterious southern continent.  The goal of the expedition is none other than the legendary Crocodile’s Tear: a massive magical emerald! Many tales are told about the southern continent, most of which paint it as a disease-ridden jungle filled with hostile natives, reachable only by crossing a pirate- and monster-infested sea.
    As the port winds fade into the winds of the open sea, the sails of The Mermaid billow firmly. Will the player characters survive the voyage, and will they find more than they bargained for? Oh, and was it mentioned that that two other trips set out before this one only to be swallowed up by the dense jungle…
    If you enjoy this adventure, look for future releases in the Advanced Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press.
  • Details
    Year: 2016
    Game System: OSRIC