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Steamscapes Asia

Steamscapes Asia

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    Asia in 1872 has thrown off the yoke of colonialism and embraced the industrial age. The nations of the Indian Alliance unite the subcontinent with railroads. Buddhist apothecaries from Viet Nam spread advanced medicinal learning throughout the region. Japanese war automatons sweep into Chinese territory while the Qing Dynasty responds with its terrifying Dragon Airships. Thai elephant cavalry face-off against Burmese airboats as tensions rise along their border. Meanwhile, sea and air pirates threaten trade throughout the island and coastal nations of Southeast Asia. This second major setting book for Steamscapes includes extensive alternative historical backgrounds for over a dozen nations and regions, and offers detailed martial arts rules including full coverage of fifteen different historical forms from across the continent, plus information on the Apothecary profession, elephant cavalry rules, new airships, new weapons, and a new racial template for Japanese war automatons.