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Cyber Space - Death Valley Free Prison 5105

Cyber Space - Death Valley Free Prison 5105

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Death Valley Free Prison

A Campaign Sourcebook for CyberSpace


The Death Valley Free Prison (DVFP) encompasses over 4000 square miles of hell-on-earth. Within its borders dwell half a million depraved Gangmembers, battlescarred Mercenaries, renegade Netheads, demented Road Warriors, psychopathic Felons, and other assorted social rejects. It's easy to get in, but just try to escape.


This sourcebook includes:

  • A 17” x 22” two-sided full color map of the DVFP and surrounding environs (Missing)

  • A wealth of source material on the most dangerous, unforgiving prison on earth.

  • Numerous layouts, NPCs, and organisations working within the DVFP.

  • An extensive new equipment listing.

  • A complete introductory adventure in the Death Valley Free Prison.

Extra Info

Publisher: I.C.E.
Year: 1990
Game System: Cyberspace
Artist: Janet Aulisio
Genre: Sci-Fi
ISBN: 1-55806-129-0
Page Count: 109