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Star Frontiers SF2 - Starspawn of Volturnus 7802

Star Frontiers SF2 - Starspawn of Volturnus 7802

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  • Description
    "Two weeks to save a world… Since you crash-landed here, Volturnus has been a planet of constant surprise and peril. You defeated the Star Devil's pirates and made contact with four intelligent races native to the planet. Your adventures with them made clear that these aliens would be valuable members of the UPF - if they manage to survive. The vicious Sathar are on their way to Volturnus with a fleet powerful enough to destroy all life on the planet. The survival of the planet is in your hands. You must organize the defenses of Volturnus. You must unite the races of Volturnus and lead them in battle against the Sathar. The outcome: victory, or death for an entire world! STARSPAWN OF VOLTURNUS is the conclusion of the Volturnus series of modules for the STAR FRONTIERS™ game. It can also be played as a separate adventure. STARSPAWN OF VOLTURNUS contains maps and referee's notes, including information on new creatures and intelligent races. The module also contains "The Great Game of the Ul-Mor," an encounter that can be used as a re-playable game."
  • Details
    Year: 1982
    Game System: Star Frontiers
    Artist: Timothy Truman
    Genre: sci-fi
    Author(s): Tom Moldvay
    Format: booket, cover