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Star Frontiers SF3 - Sundown on Starmist 7803

Star Frontiers SF3 - Sundown on Starmist 7803

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  • Description
    Starmist! A new planet, discovered by a Vrusk merchant ship. A planet whose surface is a frozen waste crossed by giant canyons, kilometers deep. In those canyons are air, water, life, and above all, mystery. After an emergency landing on Starmist, Maximillian Malligigg, Second Officer of the VSS Centispeed, stumbled on a puzzling clue. While his fellow crewmen repaired the drive on their ship, Max made tentative contacts with the humanoids called Heliopes, who live on Starmist. The Heliopes are members of a primitive, nomadic culture. There is a single village among these nomadic tribes: a village whose people display excellent workmanship. In the village's center is a massive pyramid and an entire building complex set on platforms above the river. What did Max find that made him eager to hire you, an intrepid band of adventurers, to join him in returning to Starmist? What secret gave Max visions of wealth and brought you all to this golden rift and the promise of danger!
  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Year: 1983
    Game System: Star Frontiers
    Artist: Clyde Caldwell
    Genre: Scifi
    Page Count: 32