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Changeling: Kithbook: Satyrs 7053

Changeling: Kithbook: Satyrs 7053

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    To play a song of love and to dance beneath the moon, these are the satyr's inheritance. They play from their hearts, and their songs delve deep to draw hidden passions from their audience. Herein you will find the tale of the satyrs - from their treasured romances to their fiery passions; from their great successes to their dismal failures. Join in the song and know what is is to be one of the wild ones...


    • A complete history of satyrs, from their origins in ancient Greece to the modern day,
    • An in-depth look at the society and culture of the satyrs;
    • New Merits, Flaws and Treasures available only to saytr characters.
  • Details
    Publisher: White Wolf
    Year: 1998
    Game System: World of Darkness
    Category: White Wolf