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Dark Ages: Inquisitor 20004

Dark Ages: Inquisitor 20004

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  • Description

    In this Age of Darkness

    Satan's get infest the world. Blood-drinking demons and savage creatures prey on good Christians or lead them to heresy. Even the Holy Mother Church itself teems with devils in man's flesh. But God Almighty has seen fit to choose some to stand against the tide of darkness. With sword and torch in hand, we search out the evil that lurks in the night.

    We are the Holy Inquisition.

    Some Stand for the Light

    Dark Ages: Inquisitor is a book for playing members of the Inquisition in the Dark Medieval world. Members of secret orders operating by papal sanction, Inquisitors hunt the devils and degenerates who prey on men and defy God, from blood-crazed vampires to pagan warlocks. Inquisitor provides complete systems for making characters (from wielders of holy magic to warrior-monks), a whole new system for blessed abilities, and much more. This books requires the use of Dark Ages: Vampire.

  • Details
    Publisher: White Wolf
    Year: 2002
    Category: White Wolf
    Setting: Dark Ages