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Dark Ages: Storytellers Companion 20003

Dark Ages: Storyteller's Companion 20003

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  • Description
    The Night Has Many Tales
    From the infernal Baali to the Lhiannan witches and the morbid faith of the Road of Bones, the Dark Medieval hides many secrets. Not all vampires hail from the 13 clans and not all follow the five great roads.
    All Told By Firelight
    The Dark Ages: Vampire Storytellers Companion gives you access to secrets and advice to enrich stories and make them easier to tell. It includes six bloodlines, six minor roads, revised Disciplines, plentiful advice, and all the game's useful charts. This screen and supplement help you bring the War of Princes to life.
  • Details
    Publisher: White Wolf
    Year: 2002
    Category: White Wolf
    Setting: Dark Ages