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The Grand Alchemist

The Grand Alchemist

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  • Description

    You are living in the middle of the Renaissance, a period in which the greatest minds were obsessed with alchemy. If you want to become the Grand Alchemist you must gather the necessary components in order to create the magical formula. You must also study in the great European cities to increase your alchemical knowledge. But beware! The Grand Inquisitor is hunting you, and other alchemist scheme against you. Be the first to discover the secret and transmute common metal into gold.General Mechanics: You control an alchemist and two apprentices. They will move around a map of Europe to various cities and gather knowledge cards. Getting a certain number allows you to attempt a transmutation. Keep the location of your secret lab from the Grand Inquisitor and other players to avoid going to trial (jail) and losing knowledge cards. Event cards in the game allow you to search, protect yourself, move further, steal from other players, take shortcuts, increase your strength in a fight, etc. The final objective is to successfully complete enough transmutations to collect 5 bars of gold. - BoardGameGeek

  • Details
    BGID: 2493
    Category: Renaissance
    Time: 90 minutes
    PrimaryName: The Grand Alchemist
    Players: 3 to 6
    Year: 2000
    Product Title: The Grand Alchemist
    Ages: 10 and up
    Publisher: Tilsit